Build review of this HUGE 1/32 scale aircraft kit

Kit:№01E010 // Scale:1/32 // Price:$360

HK Models

Well designed and engineered; good fits; outstanding wing joint strength

No instrument decals; errors in instructions

Injection-molded, 824 parts (24 PE), decals

An iconic heavy bomber, the Avro Lancaster won fame in a series of specialized attacks while also providing the heavyweight backbone of the Royal Air Force’s night-bombing campaign against Germany in World War II.


Masking plastic models — a tiresome topic for anyone who has decided to airbrush. You quickly get to the point where components have to be painted which have areas that should not be painted at the same time (glued areas, cockpit windows, air inlets, landing gear shafts, etc.). Here we have to mask (glue, cover, etc.) to protect the areas from the paint mist. This is sometimes not that easy and requires a lot of time, patience, and, not infrequently, creativity. It is often the masking that ultimately decides whether a paint job is successful or not. …

I have worked with Bare-Metal Foil since the mid-1970s. As a model car builder who could never paint the chrome trim on a model and come up with anything but a mess, Bare-Metal Foil was a true miracle product. Nothing can ruin a great looking model car faster than scrawled painted-on chrome trim. I mentioned my problem painting chrome trim to a hobby store owner in the Detroit area and he clued me into a product he said would solve all my problems.

He gave me the phone number of the Bare-Metal Foil and Eldred Mason. So I called Eldred…

Though they have been around since the early 20th century, diecast models remain a tried and true hobby for collectors all over the world. Capturing the look and feel of your favorite, cars, trains, buses, and planes, an extensive diecast toy collection is a great addition to any home. But what exactly is a diecast model, and how are they produced? Read on to learn more about this fascinating and popular hobby for all ages!

What are the diecast models?

A diecast model (or die-cast) is a miniature replica made using a die casting or metal casting method. Usually made…

If we list the most demanding and popular diecast car brands in the World Market today, we can give you a ranking like this:

Bburago: A brand called the king of the Diecast model world. It produces in the middle-lower class and quality. However, the factory in Italy is now bought by another model company due to bankruptcy. It is still possible to come across some models in the market.

• Anson: Its quality is similar to Bburago. There is not much product variety. In addition, the factory is currently closed.

• Welly: It is a company that has…

Apple is “stepping up efforts” to develop its own search technology as U.S. antitrust authorities target a lucrative deal between Apple and Google that keeps Google’s search engine the default option on Apple devices, according to a new paywalled Financial Times report.

In iOS 14, Apple shows its own web search results and links directly to websites when users type queries from the home screen. The changes were noticed back in August, but the report claims they add to “growing evidence” that Apple is working to build a rival to Google search.

In a little-noticed change to the latest version…

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